Finikounda is one of the more traditional villages of Messinia of which in the latter years has proven to be one of the most popular summer destinations.  It belongs to the Pylos-Nestoros Township and is built at the head of a bay, directly across the island complex of Oinnoussai consisting of Sapienza, Schiza and Saint Marina islands.

It is said that Finikounda received its name from palm trees of which served commercial needs of its small port.  The primary name of the village was “Taverna”, a name derived from the fishermen who arrived at the town to rest by enjoying good wine at the seafood taverns of the village.  In his works, Pausanias referred to it as a port with the name “Finikous Limin”.  The official name of the village was established in 1930.

Today, Finikounda makes up one of the more important tourist destinations of the Southern Peloponnese combining mountain and sea harmonically.  Visitors capture the amazing sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, and the graphic landscape of the region and its wide tourism have proven that Finikounda is an extremely popular summer destination.

You can find a variety of wonderful beaches in Finikounda suitable for each taste.  Here, you can find wide sandy beaches, as well as beaches with rocks, some filled with bathers and others quiet and distinct, and you can have the opportunity to enjoy the sun, the sea, and participate in water sports, and live moments of carefree relaxation.

There are plenty of restaurants and traditional taverns in Finikounda, where you can enjoy every fresh type of seafood as well as delicious plates of the Messinian kitchen.  There are also many cafeterias for you to enjoy your coffee, as well as many other tourist shops of which you can tour.  Finikounda, with its beautiful coasts, its unique beaches with crystal clear waters, its untouched natural beauty and wide tourist reception is undoubtedly a magical region which promises to grant unique moments of relaxation to all who visit.